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Catch Me If You Can Tuesday

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 8:00PM

Catch Me If You Can Tuesday
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Catch Me If You Can follows the adventures of Frank Abagnale Jr., a suburban kid in the early 1960s who leaves home before graduating from high school and parlays a gift for telling tall tales and forging checks into an around-the-world spree. Doggedly pursued by FBI agent Carl Hanratty, Frank manages to pose as an airline pilot, an emergency room doctor and a lawyer, winning the heart of nurse Brenda Strong along the way.

Parental Guidance Suggested

Should I See It?

What is Catch Me If You Can Like?
This bright and bouncy show features a topnotch cast and a sixties-influenced score by the Hairspray team of Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. Narrated by Frank as if his story is a television special, Catch Me draws audiences in to his web of relationships with his parents, FBI agent Hanratty and eventually his girlfriend and her parents. Whether or not you’ve seen Steven Spielberg’s hit movie based the same subject matter, if you enjoy a comic caper, Catch Me If You Can is the musical to see.

Is Catch Me If You Can Good for Kids?
Although Catch Me If You Can is not a classic “family show,” there is nothing objectionable in the script and songs, and the musical’s peppy vibe will appeal to school-age kids. The lead character participates in some morally objectionable acts including fraud and forgery. The show contains some sexual situations.