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50 Shades! The Musical Parody

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Tue 2/10/15 7:30PM
Wed 2/11/15 7:30PM
Thu 2/12/15 7:30PM
Fri 2/13/15 7:30PM
Sat 2/14/15 4:00PM
Sat 2/14/15 7:30PM
Sun 2/15/15 2:30PM
Sun 2/15/15 6:00PM

Idina Menzel
Idina Menzel
Tony Award-winning icon Idina Menzel has a diverse career that traverses stage, film, television and music. Menzel’s voice can be heard as Elsa in Disney’s global box office smash Frozen, in which she sings the film’s Oscar-winning song “Let It Go.” After Menzel’s performance of the multi-platinum song at the 86th annual Academy Awards, she made history as the first person with both a Billboard Top 10 hit and a Tony Award for acting. Menzel earned her first Tony nomination as Maureen in the Pulitzer Prize winner Rent, and won the award for her performance as Elphaba in Wicked. Other notable roles include Rachel Berry’s mother, Shelby Corcoran, on the hit television show Glee as well as starring opposite Susan Sarandon and Amy Adams in Disney’s Enchanted.
Wed 8/12/15 8:00PM